Reiki Share in Pembrokeshire

Reiki Share in Pembrokeshire

Every Thursday at Letterston Memorial Hall in Pembrokeshire we hold a Reiki Share evening where anyone is welcome, whether they’ve done any Reiki or not.

This is a perfect opportunity for people to practise their Reiki after any level of Reiki Attunement, to receive Reiki Healing from several people at once, to try Reiki out and understand more about it, to talk with Rosemary about anything that comes up during the 21 day clearing period, and just fabulous support in general from an amazing group of caring people. 

From 8pm – 10pm. Cost £3 each time you come.

Tea and coffee provided, but feel free to bring anything you’d like to share – we have some amazing cooks in the group, some of whom make gluten, sugar and dairy free delicious nibbles.

We start with a meditation and check in.
Then there is an hour or more of Reiki for everyone. Tables and chairs are provided. So those who are less mobile can sit in chairs and still benefit from the group.

Give me a call if the weather is really bad as we may have to cancel.

It’s only happened a couple of times so far in over 10 years.
07901 678158


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Reiki Share
photos by: eylon & César.