Rosemary Griffiths

Rose started out many years ago with Reiki and has built a wonderful community with Reiki Share on Thursday at Letterson Hall, The West Wales Health Show which runs twice a year, the healing tent at the Pembrokeshire County Show, the many fairs and shows she’s traveled the country for, the kids days and complimentary cancer care that she’s been involved in over the years, and she has trained many Reiki Masters and Teachers who have gone on to build successful businesses of their own.

Not one to sit still for long, Rose has continued to train over the years in many different holistic disciplines with the vision of being able to serve people in many ways and after working at Bluestone Spa and other places as well as continuing her own work of treating and training people it was a natural progression for the creation of R&R Treatment Rooms and Training Academy offering beauty treatments and therapies and specialising in holistic treatments.


Update March 2015

Rosemary had a download of new information from her guides about a new type of holistic healing and has worked with them to perfect it and create a course to train her students in it.

She had the course accredited and is now training students in her 3rd Dimensional Healing modality, a 6 module training which is bringing great results to students and clients.

To find out more about 3rd Dimensional Healing, please contact Rosemary on 07901 678158.

Thank you.